Then they're going to be cooler in summer season and more evenly heated in winter.

"Why not convert coal into electric power by burning it underground and sending it to the city from the mine devoid of ever bringing it towards the surface? That's what they will do inside the future. When the time comes, methods will probably be discovered to dam up the necessary water for condensing the steam. We've got a 'lake' on the roof of one of my Michigan factories now for just that objective. swiss fake rolex watches I'm beginning to send energy by wire rather of by freight load!"

Mr. Ford says that a huge opportunity for inventing one thing that meets the demands of your time confronts just about every man who has a job which is also difficult for him. "If I had a job that seemed as well challenging for me," he mentioned, "I would set to perform to locate out the best way to make it easy. A serious attempt to take the drudgery out of a job will get started a man to creating something. He may perhaps construct his future around a discovery of which the world stands in will need."

"Remember," he cautioned, "that individually males invent but small. We achieve most by combining in new approaches, principles and devices previously found. What has currently been completed will not be necessarily the very best that could be accomplished. From exactly where we're, we are going ahead. Several changes are just around the corner. Consider on the waste in time, funds and effort involved in cooking in a huge number of distinctive houses inside a single community! Let a young man turn his attention to inventing a kind of kitchen that may feed a hundred folks! The day is coming when cooking will no longer be performed for individual households . What kind of a kitchen it will likely be that should take this drudgery out of your household, and how the perform need to be carried out, remains for somebody to seek out out. In years to come we shall undoubtedly use rubber for floors and thousands of other purposes for which we usually do not even contemplate it right now. A number of our experi- ments right here at Dearborn may possibly assistance find out what an airplane engine need to be like. At present, we are providing our interest for the Diesel engine. The outlook is fairly promising.

"No one particular knows now just what the airplane engine with the future are going to be like, but you'll be able to be quite confident it'll have 4 characteristics: 1st, slow speed; second, reliability; third, fantastic balance; fourth, it'll use a fuel which will be 4 or five instances more strong than our present fuel. By the time the engine that will meet these needs is prepared, we might have a form of plane that may come down and make a landing at a speed significantly significantly less than sixty miles an hour."

When Mr. Ford speaks on the fuel of the future he thinks of a thing with "gip" in it - and four or five occasions the "gip" that's in our present day fuel. What will this fuel be? Whence will it come? He foresees no shortage of fuel for our internal combustion engines in the future.

"We can get fuel from fruit," he says, replica rolex watch "from that sumach by the roadside or from apples, weeds, sawdust - nearly something! There is certainly fuel in each bit of vegetable matter which can be fermented. There's adequate alcohol in 1 year's yield of an acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the field for any hundred years."

And it remains for some one particular to locate how this fuel may be developed commercially- superior fuel at a less costly price than that we now know!

"In all probability," said Mr. cheap rolex replica watches Ford, "American cities will in the future be heated by electrical energy. This implies that our houses have to be constructed different-better! We ought to discover out how they are able to very best be insulated.

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